physioOnce a Treatment protocol has been designed based on the assessment and evaluation, I apply gentle specifically directed hands-on therapies aimed at addressing the abnormalities present in various soft and connective tissue as they impede normal Joint and Musculo-Skeletal movement capacity, causing symptoms including pain.

Manual Therapy includes a variety of gentle and comfortable non-aggressive techniques based on palpation and tissue response, aiming at supporting the body’s ability to release, restore, repair, re-balance, reorganize and rehabilitate. These manual techniques assist the natural corrective process towards tissue repair, healing and recovery, to allow for normalized joint mobility, tissue elasticity, tonicity and neuromuscular motion control.

I provide techniques such as: 

  • Orthopedic and osteopathic manual therapy techniques, including Mobilizations, Manipulations, Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, Myofascial Release and balancing
  • Neuro-muscular techniques including Trigenics.