Knee function depends on proper alignment from the foot to the hip. Excessive or abnormal mechanical force affects the ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue support system of the knee joint. Sudden force and impact from injury, or repetitive strain from overuse or misuse, can cause various degrees of tissue damage, strain injury, wear-and-tear, and gradual deterioration of the joint structures.

Abnormalities of the knee can result from:

  • dropped or raised foot arches
  • toe deformities
  • hip-pelvis and leg muscle imbalance and tightness
  • patella-femoral tracking problems
  • meniscus tears or damage
  • ligament injuries
  • inflammation and arthritis

Your physiotherapist has the training and expertise to provide specific corrective maneuvers/ techniques and therapeutic movements. Treatment is based on a thorough biomechanical test movements analysis and gait assessment, joint and muscle testing, and is customized to each patient’s particular case and presentation. Treatment at the One to One Physiotherapy Clinic frequently integrates a number of therapies in addition to physical/manual therapy and corrective therapeutic exercises.

These additional therapies can include:

  • electrotherapy (applying the Electro-Acuscope and Pulsating Magnetic Resonance Therapy), for relief of pain and inflammation and accelerated tissue repair/ healing
  • acupuncture, and
  • nutritional recommendations. 
  • This integrative approach is broadly proposed as the treatment of choice in many cases.