Hands-on Therapy

Once a Treatment protocol has been designed based on the assessment and evaluation, I apply gentle specifically directed hands-on therapies aimed at addressing the abnormalities present in various soft and connective tissue as they impede normal Joint and Musculo-Skeletal movement capacity, causing symptoms including pain. Manual Therapy includes a variety of gentle and comfortable non-aggressive techniques based on palpation and tissue response, aiming at supporting the body's ability to release, restore, repair, re-balance, reorganize and rehabilitate. These manual techniques assist the natural corrective process towards tissue repair, healing and recovery, to allow for normalized joint mobility, tissue elasticity, tonicity and neuromuscular [...]


Exercise Therapy

Therapeutic Movements have the capacity to reduce pain mechanisms such as tension, pressure, compression, friction, muscle imbalances, malalignment and more. Therapeutic Exercises, over time with mindful repetition and coordination, help restore tissue elasticity, joint mobility and stability and motion control. Function in comfort leads to performance, achieved with your confident use of the selected therapeutic movements for your specific needs.


Nutritional Counselling

Food choices impact the recovery of injury for athletes as it does for each of us. Physical performance is comparable to a motor performing better with sufficient and quality fuel. Food nutrients provide the building blocks to our bodily function, like medicine to our cells; food choices influence the regulatory systems of our body, ultimately impacting tissue repair as well as mood, sleep, energy, and our ability to manage stresses of life, including pain and injuries. When better informed, you can make better food choices to influence healthy tissue for maximum healing ability and successful treatment outcome.


Stress Management

We take stress seriously as there is a direct relationship between pain and stress. The more stress effects on our various systems and nervous system, the higher the pain intensity can rise. Identifying external or internal sources of physical or emotional stress and acquiring understanding, knowledge and trust in coping skills can lead to becoming more confident, calm and centered while influencing pain intensity and tissue rate of repair. Applying self help strategies and stress reduction techniques, helps develop positive moods and influences on our physical responses to treatment.


One to One Physiotherapy is merging with Ace Sports Clinic! After 34 years of private practice, Line Troster is pleased to be joining the multidisciplinary team at Ace Sports Clinic ( Read the full statement here.